Below are some questions you may have about aboriculture and looking after your trees


What are my responsibilities as a tree owner?
If a tree is growing within the boundary of your property then you have a responsibility to ensure it is maintained in a safe condition. As a tree owner you have a responsibility that your tree does not cause damage or injury to others. This is your duty of care under Common Law. back to top

My Neighbour's tree overhangs my property. What are my rights?

The law states that you are entitled to cut back branches from overhanging trees to the boundary line but does not allow you to trespass. It is always best to discuss the problem with the tree owner and come to agreement. It may be beneficial for the tree to receive a crown lift or reduction as opposed to cutting back just the offending branches. It is recommended to complete tree works in accordance with good arboricultural practice. Poor tree work can be counterproductive and is often potentially dangerous. back to top

I'm thinking of having tree work, but I am worried about health and safety?
Acacia Tree Surgery have an impeccable safety record. All operational teams undergo industry recognised training, adhere to the latest health and safety regulation and include a first aid team member. We constantly review our policies ensuring our methods are up to date and our staff refreshed on safety procedures. A Risk Assessment is mandatory and always carried out before work commences. back to top

Why is it important to use Acacia Tree Surgeons to do my tree work?
Acacia Tree Surgeons are the tree experts. We understand how trees grow and the characteristics of the different species and use latest survey and testing equipment. Trees that are in unsuitable location (damaging to property), diseased or dead need to be removed safely. Acacia are experienced, qualified and comprehensively insured for undertaking this work and all types of tree surgery.
Important Note: You have a duty to ensure that the tree surgeon you use are qualified, appropriately insured and comply with Health and Safety Law. back to top

Are my Trees protected?
Your trees may protected by a Tree Preservation Order or are within a Conservation Area. In both instances, notification to and consent from the local authority is required prior to any works commencing. Acacia will deal with the planning application on your behalf as part of our service.
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Accidents can happen. What if my property gets damaged during tree work?
Acacia Tree Surgery has an impeccable safety record. We employ safety and risk assessments to minimise the risk of accidents. In the unlikely event of damage occurring to your property, we are fully insured for public, personal and professional liability. back to top

Are Acacia too large to do my tree work?
We have established a diverse client base ranging from clients with a single tree to large commercial clients who require many hundreds of trees managing at any one time. Our repeat custom proves that we provide consistently high levels of service and professionalism for all clients.
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I can no longer manage my hedge?
We have all the necessary tools and equipment to trim the largest of hedges to a manageable size or completely remove at your request.
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My tree is too big to fell in my garden?
This is probably our most common enquiry, We are specialists in sectional felling safely removing the largest of trees in the smallest of areas. The tree is removed piece by piece. back to top













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