Acacia is an environmentally aware company

We provide a high duty of care in offering advice on tree preservation

We understand the importance of trees and their place in our society
and environment. .

It is also our policy to leave (where possible) retain fallen tree trunks to
provide new habitats for wildlife.

Some species of trees can only be worked on at certain times of the year as well as certain types of pruning activity. We will advise where appropriate and schedule work accordingly to ensure the health of the tree

We routinely undertake a Habitat Disturbance Assessment at all sites before undertaking any tree work.

Each team has a member who has attended a Bats Awareness Course and can identify potential bat roots during their on site and pre pruning risk assessment. If a protected species such as bats (or other species) are suspected, work will be postponed pending further investigation and advise from the relevant expert.

We operate our services in full compliance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the recent Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000).

We use bio-degradable chainsaw oil and purchase equipment designed to reduce environmental impact.

Our commitment is to use efficient fuel machinery and vehicles, minimise
waste and recycle wherever possible.

All brushwood is chipped for use as mulch.

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