Acacia Tree Surgery provides the following consultancy services
  • Cliff (pictured using PiCUS) is our main consultant. Having achieved his Technical Certificate in Arboriculture and is completing a Diploma in Arboriculture. His expertise is endorsed by 25 years experience in the industry and he continues his professional development with regular attendance to arboricultural seminars.

  • Development site surveys and pre-planning
    advice as per recommendations in BS5837:2012 ‘Trees in relation to construction’. Essential identification for retaining trees on development sites and the implementation of their safe management, advice on protective measures during construction and incorporating them into the finished landscape.
Sonic decay detection equipment
  • Tree survey and management using latest
    sonic decay detection. We use the PiCUS Tomograph (as shown in the photograph).
    This produces a tomogram print out, illustrating in colour areas of decaying or sound wood.
    The tomogram is effectively a density map of
    the internal structure of the tree taken at a cross section of a certain level. The PiCUS detects differences in the ability of wood to transmit sonic waves which correlate with its density, illustrated on the tomogram by coloured areas.

  • Tree safety inspections incl subsidence issues

  • Condition and hazard assessments for single trees or an estates' worth

  • Mortgage & insurance reports

  • Pest and disease identification and advice

  • Advice on management of trees

  • Tree planning applications

  • Highway tree inspections and management schemes

  • Inspections by our consultant qualified in LOLER examinations (The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998)
PiCUS tomogram

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